Engineering Science (B.S.)

Engineering sciences are based on mathematics and basic sciences but carry knowledge further toward creative application needed to solve engineering problems. These studies provide a bridge between mathematics and basic sciences on the one hand and engineering practice on the other.


  1. To provide students the broad-based foundational science courses and breadth of experience necessary to tackle complicated engineering problems.
  2. To allow students to consider how a solution may affect all people and to communicate the plans effectively while being receptive to input from clients and constituents.
  3. To allow students to explore the synergy between the physical and/or life sciences and engineering analysis and design, leading to the solution of problems often of an interdisciplinary nature.

Admission Requirements

Entering students will be required to test at the level of MATH 121 College Algebra or higher to be enrolled in EGSC 110. Students unable to test at the level of MATH 121 will have to be informed that completing their degree will likely take more than 4 years and might require summer courses. To ensure success, all students will have to meet the following benchmarks in math and science courses before they are allowed to declare the major:

  • A minimum grade of C+ in all mathematics and science courses taken at Emory & Henry
  • An overall GP A of 2.5 or better by the end of the first year, and
  • A minimum of two advising sessions with the program director or a designated engineering science faculty member.
  • Additionally, students will be required to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.3 in the major course requirements each year until graduation.

Transfer students will be required to take EGSC 110 and 120 unless they bring credit for equivalent courses (equivalency to be determined by the Registrar and the program director). Students admitted for the spring semester will not be placed in EGSC 120 but will start the introductory sequence the following fall.

Graduation Requirements

Completion of a minimum of 124 credit hours including all required core and general education; foundational and additional; and major courses. Minimum overall cumulative GPA of 2.3 for all required core engineering courses. Successful completion of all required core engineering and foundational courses, as well as the additional and core and general education requirements.

Additional Requirements:

Item #
Semester Hours
One Computer Programming or Scientific Computing Course  +
Sub-Total Semester Hours
Total credits: