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To provide background in basic physics preparing students for entry into graduate school engineering programs, or technical jobs; to stress applications of analytical software and mathematical techniques.

The senior project may consist of satisfactory performance on the Advanced Physics section of the Graduate Record Examination, successful completion of an internship or a sponsored Research Experience for Undergraduates, or a comprehensive examination given during the first term of the senior year.

Three Additional Upper Division Courses in Physics

Chosen in consultation with the advisor. CHEM 320 can be counted as equivalent to one upper division physics course. Physics courses should be at the 300 or 400 level.

More than three additional classes are strongly recommended for students planning on pursuing graduate studies. Consult your academic advisor.


Sub-Total Semester Hours

Contextual and Support Courses

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Three courses from level 200 or above in Chemistry, Mathematics, with exception of seminars and MATH 201

If MATH 201 is completed, the requirements for a MATH minor will be met.

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