Theatre (B.F.A.) — Musical Theatre

A student who wishes to pursue the pre-professional degree will choose one of the two tracks listed below. Students in all tracks will take a set of common courses.

Entrance audition/portfolio review/interview

To enter the BFA track, students must demonstrate promise of pre­professional abilities at at entrance audition/portfolio review and interview. In this audition/portfolio review students must demonstrate proficiency in their particular area of focus. The faculty will then determine if the student is eligible for the program. Students may audition for the BFA tracks prior to beginning at E&H college, or may petition the department to be admitted to the program after beginning at a yearly spring date. See department for specific information on requirements.

Jury requirements

All BFA students must jury yearly in front of department faculty to demonstrate sufficient progress in their pursuit of the BF A degree. Jury requirements will be set by the faculty and sent out to the students well in advance of the scheduled jury. Students may have one of 3 results in a jury: Pass, Probation or Fail. Students who are making satisfactory progress to their degree will pass their jury and will not need to jury again until the following year. Students who are not making satisfactory progress to their degree will be placed first on probation. A student on probation must re-jury the following semester. If at that time the student has not addressed the concerns of the faculty, the student will fail their jury and be removed from the BFA program. Students can appeal this decision in writing to the chair, and may be granted the opportunity to petition their way back into the degree in the following spring. Additional time to graduation may be required at that time.

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Semester Hours
Theatre — Core Courses  +
Additional Dance Technique Elective (1)  +
Two Additional Credits of THRE 401-404  +
Sub-Total Semester Hours
Total credits: