Peace and Social Justice Studies

Travis Proffitt, Program Advisor

Degrees and Certificates


PJST 100: Introduction to Peace & Social Justice

Semester Hours 3.0

Exploration and survey of the fields of peacebuilding, conflict resoultion, nonviolence, and social justice. Students will explore and become familiar with the theoretical frameworks of peacebuilding and social justice; articulate arguments for and against various approaches; and consider their own applications and praxis in the field.

PJST 200: Nonviolence and Conflict Resolution

Semester Hours 3.0
Nonviolence and Conflict Resolution - Examination of various theories and approaches to nonviolent action, including but not limited to civil disobedience, economic actions, and other disruptive tactics; and, examination of various theories and applications of nonviolent conflict resolution. Students will explore these topics through historic and contemporary examples through the study of social action in India, South Africa, and the United States.

PJST 205: Peacebuilding Multicultural World

Semester Hours 3.0

Peacebuilding in a Globalized, Multicultural World - Examination of the theories and approaches to peacebuilding and social justice through feminist, indigenous, Global South, and non-Christian perspectives, with attention to the applications and implications of such theories in multicultural settings.

PJST 400: Capstone Internship and Seminar

Semester Hours 3.0

Capstone Internship and Seminar - Grounded in a rigorous internship experience with a local peace and social justice organization, students will synthesize their learning in the minor through readings and discussions, with particular attention given towards the implications of their learning as it relates to their roles in communities and careers.