The Emory & Henry Energy Program


Saving energy helps your tuition dollar stretch farther.  When you use energy wisely, you leave more resources for the things you really care about: scholarships, programs, technology upgrades, facility improvements, and a top-notch faculty and staff.  Don’t give your money away to the utility companies.  Keep it here on campus.


Heating & Cooling:  These use over half the energy in your building. Know how to operate your thermostat controls and keep up with their settings.  Think 72.  Set A/C no lower, and heat no higher, than 72 degrees. And, when you leave your room, either turn it off completely or raise A/C to 80 and lower heat to 55.

Awareness: Be aware of what is using energy in your room. Always turn off lights and electronics whenever you leave.

Get help from Mother Nature:   Close window blinds in warm weather and open them in cold weather.  In nice weather, turn off your A/C or heat and open your windows.

Don’t heat or cool the outdoors:   When using A/C or heat, keep windows closed.

Tell your RA:   If you have too much heat in your room and must open a window to stay comfortable, report it to your RA immediately.  Also report plumbing issues and water leaks.

Be kind to your fridge:   Allow space for air to circulate behind your refrigerator (where the coils are) and be sure to empty and unplug it the day before you leave for winter break.  When your refrigerator is OFF, always prop the door open, to air it out and prevent mold and mildew.

Computer Care:   Your computer will thank you if you shut it down when you are done with it, and not just put it asleep.  A full shutdown saves the life of processors and saves energy. Avoid extended use of screen savers - they prevent your computer from sleeping.

Showers and Laundry:  Run water only when you need running water. Turn on your shower only when you're ready to hop in. Wait for a full load of clothes before doing laundry. Use cold water wash for most purposes-it prevents stains from setting, and prolongs the life of your clothing.

Take Charge:  If you see an outside door left open, close it.  If you see lights left on in the lounge during the day, turn them off.