Parking and Traffic Policies


Vehicle Registration

All students who bring a vehicle to campus, including commuter students, must register it during the opening of school.  If a vehicle is brought to campus after the time of opening registration, the student must register in the Campus Police Office during the first academic day after it is brought to campus. Vehicle registration includes immediate and proper display of the decal or temporary permit. Student decals are only good for 1 year with an expiration date of July 31st each year. 

Vehicle registration is also required of any faculty or staff member whose vehicle is to be operated and/or parked in areas under the jurisdiction of these regulations.

An E&H parking permit, when issued, must be visibly displayed on the rearview mirror of the vehicle. Failure to display the permit can result in a parking violation. In addition, altering a parking permit can result in judicial action for falsifying a College document.

The College’s definition of campus extends to all facilities owned or controlled by the College. If a student brings a car to campus, it must be registered. Issuance of a citation for failure to register a vehicle imposes a fine of $100.00. A student should also be aware that this automatically includes being assessed the appropriate registration fee commensurate with the term in which the citation was issued. Registration requires:  1) the license number of the vehicle; 2) the student to have a valid operator’s license; 3) auto insurance on the vehicle that meets the legal minimum required by the state of registration; and, 4) proof that the car is titled to the student or their family. A student bringing a vehicle on campus displaying dealership license tags must show proof of having met all state registration requirements, including inspections and insurance. A change in vehicles will require either a temporary parking permit or normal registration.


Refunds. Refunds may be granted for fall and/or spring semester vehicle registration fees. No refunds are made for the summer session. Application for refund must be made in the Campus Police/Safety Office. The permit must be returned or the student must submit a signed statement indicating that the decal has been destroyed and cannot be used by another person.


Permits.  The classifications for identifying parking permits are defined below. When a student changes status from Commuter to Resident or vice-versa, it is the student’s responsibility to return the old permit and request issuance of a new one. When a vehicle bearing a current College parking permit is traded or sold, the registrant should remove the permit before releasing the vehicle and report the vehicle change to Campus Safety. Registration of any vehicle includes the proper display of the parking permit issued by the Campus Police/Safety Department. Students may register an additional vehicle.


Medical Permits.  Medical permits are issued to students who require the use of a vehicle for access to classroom buildings and other College facilities.  This permit may be temporary or permanent, dependent upon documentation provided. It does not entitle a student to park in fire lanes or handicapped/15 minute/visitor parking. Medical permits require medical documentation. All students using state issued handicap placards must show proof of ownership.  In addition, the placard holder is required to carry the Disabled Parking Placard Identification Card that is issued with the placard and to present it to a law enforcement officer upon request.  It is a serious misuse of placards and plates for the disabled when someone other than the person with a disability uses the placard or plate to park in a space reserved for people with disabilities. The person to whom the placard or plates was issued must be traveling in the vehicle in order to use these spaces. A conviction of this offense could result in fines of up to $500 and/or the revocation of your disabled parking privileges, requiring you to surrender your placard or plates.


Remember, it's unlawful to:

  • park in a space reserved for disabled individuals without displaying your disabled placard or plates. 
  • park in a space designated for the disabled unless you are transporting the person to whom the disabled placard or plates have been issued.

It's also illegal to:

  • create or use a counterfeit copy of a disabled parking placard or use someone else's placard or license plates.
  • alter a disabled parking placard or license plates.
  • make a false statement about a disability in order to obtain or assist someone else in obtaining a disabled parking placard or license plates.

Convictions for these offenses, which are Class II Misdemeanors, could result in fines of up to $1,000 and up to six months in jail. Additionally, DMV may revoke your disabled parking privileges, requiring you to surrender your placard or plates.


Temporary Permits.  Temporary permits are issued for brief periods of time to students bringing a vehicle on campus (not their registered vehicle and meeting requirements listed under “Vehicle Registration,”).  A student may obtain a temporary parking permit if the need is for two weeks or less. Otherwise, the vehicle must be registered during the first academic day on campus.  Students must sign for numbered temporary permits in the Campus Police Office. The temporary permit must be visible on the front dash of the vehicle.

Motorcycles, Mopeds, Scooters.  All motorcycles must have a valid state license plate and state inspection sticker and must be registered in the Campus Safety Office. The College registration decal must be visibly displayed on the rear fender of the motorcycle. All operators and riders must wear the appropriate safety equipment required by the Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles. Motorcycles with altered exhaust systems or exhaust systems which are excessively loud may not be operated on campus. Motorcycles must not be parked in College buildings or areas not intended for motor vehicles. Requests for special parking provisions should be made in the Campus Police/Safety Office.


Traffic Regulations 


Vehicle registration and traffic regulations at Emory & Henry are necessary to ensure safety and order on campus and to provide supervision and management of the limited parking facilities. Vehicle and traffic regulations are administered through the Campus Police/Safety Department. (The Traffic Committee, composed of persons appointed by the Student Government, assists with interpreting these policies and hearing appeals.)


The campus police/safety officers have responsibility for investigating all situations involving vehicles that are speeding, illegally parked, improperly registered, or otherwise in violation of campus or state regulations. The officers are available                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             to help motorists with lockouts, battery jump starts, and other forms of assistance. A student who brings a vehicle to campus has responsibility for the presence as well as the operation of the vehicle on campus. The student who owns or uses the vehicle or has it in their custody has responsibility for complying with all College vehicle and traffic regulations. The student is responsible for providing accurate information required for registration of the vehicle. The person in whose name the vehicle is registered with the College is responsible for any violation placed on it. Both owner and operator of a vehicle may be cited for a moving violation, such as speeding, reckless driving, failure to stop for a police/safety vehicle or designated signs, and driving under the influence. In the event that your parking permit is lost or stolen, you must report it immediately to Campus Safety. All parking permits must be displayed properly and in clear view at all times while on campus.


Parking Permits and Lots (See map on page 65)

Zone Parking 7:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday













































Parking Areas


All student parking lots:  East, West, and North designations, including spaces in front of Van Dyke and designated spaces located at the King Center.


Parking lots located next to Carriger/Matthews, behind the Ampersand Center, Hillman, the Stadium, and the tailgate field. These parking lots are designated for residents of Carriger, Matthews, Sullins, Hillman, Elm, and Hickory Halls, as well as commuters.


Parking lots located behind Wiley Jackson, the Chapel, and Stuart.  These parking lots are designated for residents of Wiley Jackson and Stuart Halls, as well as commuters and faculty/staff overflow.


Parking lots located in The Village and specific marked areas north of  the railroad tracks.  These parking lots are designated for residents of the Townhouses, House 4 and 9, Cambridge, Prillaman, Damer, Weaver and Princeton, and as well as commuters and any residents from EAST and WEST housing who choose the NORTH option.


Parking lots located on the Marion Campus for the School of Health Sciences.


Parking lots located behind McGlothlin-Street and Miller Halls, and at the parking lot between Memorial Chapel and Kelly Library are specifically designated as Faculty/Staff parking only during zone hours.  Faculty and staff may also park in East, West, or North lots.


  • The MCA lot is designated for Visitors, Employees of the College and Commuters - parking in this lot will be restricted during special events.


  • All parking lots are marked by signs for campus parking. 
  • There is no student parking allowed beside the Emory Train Depot, Macado’s, McGlothlin/Street-Miller or behind Wiley Hall (exception is 15 minute spaces for the designated time). 
  • There is no overnight parking permitted in front of Van Dyke.



Handicapped, reserved spots (including RA parking), visitor parking, and fire lanes (including Wiley Jackson Circle) will be enforced 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.


Student Parking Lot Locations


1- MCA Lot


1- Stuart Parking

2- Wiley Jackson Gravel Parking

3- Wiley Jackson Main Parking (Circle)

4- Chapel Parking

5- West Overflow Parking (Across From Chapel)


1- Carriger Parking

2- East Overflow Parking (Along Road to Facilities)

3- East Main Parking (Toward the Outdoor Center)

4- King Center Gravel Parking

5- Hillman Parking


1- Village Main Parking (Upper Side)

2- Weaver Parking

3- Village Parking (East of Depot)

4- Village Parking (Behind the Merc)

Student Parking Decal


Princeton, Weaver, the Townhouses, Carter, Prillaman, Russell, Cambridge, and the Cottage


Hillman, Hickory, Elm, and Sullins


Stuart, Wiley Jackson, and Mitchell

Commuter (College Owned)

Blakemore, Carruth, Coltrane, Watson, Bingham, and Martin

*All other students with off campus addresses


Traffic Safety

All vehicles must be maintained in a safe, operable condition and must display a current state license plate. A state inspection sticker also must be displayed if the vehicle is registered in a state which requires inspection. Persons believed to be driving while intoxicated will be detained and a blood/alcohol test given. The College holds students accountable through the campus conduct system for impaired driving and reserves the right to prosecute driving while impaired charges through the legal system.


Campus police/safety officers are to be notified in the event of an on-campus accident. A written report by the police/safety officer of any on-campus accident involving a student and/or their vehicle must be made to the Campus Police/ Safety Department within one business day of the accident. The speed limit on campus is 20 mph at all times.


Traffic Violation Penalties

  • Parking in no parking, reserved area, or 15 minute area:  $100 fine.
  • Improperly parked in a lot or space:  $50 fine.
  • Improperly parked in a faculty/staff space “A” parking lot:  $50 fine.
  • Blocking drives, walks, doors, etc.:  $100 fine.
  • Non-display of decal:  $50 fine.
  • Improper display of decal:  $50 fine.
  • Use or presence of unregistered vehicle:  $100 fine.
  • Unauthorized driving or parking on campus grounds, other than designated parking lots or roadways:  $100 fine + damages.
  • Parking in handicapped spaces:  $150 fine.
  • Parking in fire lane:  $150 fine.
  • Improper driving on campus (speeding, failure to yield for pedestrians, e.g.):  $100 fine.
  • Unauthorized parking:  $50


Note: The Dean of Students may increase the fine assessed by a traffic citation depending on the severity of the motor vehicle infraction. Driving under the influence will result in a state summons and College disciplinary action.  



With students, faculty, and staff using vehicles on campus, it is necessary to have guidelines covering approved and prohibited parking areas. Parking lots are designated by letter, and lettered permits are issued to match the lot designations. Vehicles parked in lots without the appropriate registered permits will be issued citations for illegal parking. The College reserves the right to relocate parking during special events (home football games, e.g.).


Resident Student Parking.  All students with vehicles will be issued identifying parking decals. Vehicles are to be parked in specific lots while on campus. These vehicles will be subject to illegal parking citations when observed parked anywhere else on campus during zone parking hours and areas that are prohibited 24/7. 


Zone parking requirements are in effect from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday for all students. These parking guidelines will be strictly enforced. No student parking is permitted in Faculty/Staff parking lots during these zone hours.  Zone parking remains in effect throughout exam periods.


Commuter Student Parking. Commuter students may park in any marked student parking lot space. Marked spaces specifically for commuter students are available at the French-Stewart House, and the King Center.  Daytime parking is allowed in front of Van Dyke.  


Prohibited Parking.  Parking is prohibited at certain locations on campus. It is impossible to mark with signs all such areas where parking is prohibited, and drivers are expected to use good judgment and courtesy about parking locations. Some of the areas where parking definitely is prohibited are: entrances to buildings, any location which blocks another parked vehicle, on or across walkways, in drives in such a way that normal traffic flow is hindered, on grass or in any location which damages the campus landscape, and in any location which will inconvenience anyone, endanger anyone, create a safety hazard, or interfere with the use of College facilities or equipment. Roadside parking is prohibited on campus. Any vehicle which is parked in violation of these regulations may be towed away at the owner’s expense. Parking at the President’s House is not permitted and violators will be towed. The responsibility for finding a legal parking space rests with the vehicle operator. Lack of space at a particular location is not considered a valid reason for violation of regulations.


Van Dyke Parking.  No overnight parking is allowed in the area in front of Van Dyke.         


Fifteen Minute Parking.  Fifteen minute parking spaces can be found behind Wiley Hall and Martin-Brock. Vehicles stopped for loading or unloading must use these parking spaces to avoid being ticketed for illegal parking. A special parking permit authorizes a student to park in faculty/staff parking spaces. This permit does not authorize parking in the fifteen minute spaces or in “No Parking” zones anywhere on campus.


Motorist Assistance Program

Campus police/safety officers will assist motorists who may experience vehicle problems while on College property. Assistance is provided without cost to the motorist. Types of services provided are:


Lockouts. This assistance is provided to gain access to the interior of the vehicle and is limited due to electronic locks and air bags. Trunk lockouts will require the services of a qualified locksmith. The owner/operator of the vehicle must sign a waiver/ release form prior to the officer attempting this service.


Jump Starting. Jumper cables will be provided to the vehicle owner/operator of the stalled vehicle. Cable connections with an auxiliary power source (APS) is the responsibility of the operator. When no APS is available to the operator, the officer will assist and provide APS once the owner/operator signs a waiver/release form.


Fuel Containers. The officer will provide a fuel container for stalled vehicles and when necessary, transport the operator to the nearest commercial fuel source.


Other Services. When services required are beyond the officer’s capabilities, the officer will assist by referring the operator to a local garage.


If you are having car problems and are parked in an unauthorized lot, you can receive a ticket. Please notify Campus Police/Safety immediately (preferably before zone hours begin) if this occurs to make arrangements to move your vehicle.


Violations and Penalties

Any student found to violate these regulations is subject to penalties deemed necessary by the Traffic Committee. Flagrant violators are referred to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action. Flagrant violations are considered hazardous to the health and well-being of students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the campus. Anyone identified as having committed a flagrant violation will have their on-campus driving privileges suspended for the remainder of the current school year, including summer school, regardless of infraction date. The following constitute flagrant violations: any one act of reckless driving so as to endanger the safety of others; any one act of driving while impaired; and any two speeding violations during one academic year.


In addition to the flagrant violations cited above, a student receiving in excess of three (3) parking tickets during a school year will be added to the flagrant violation category and given notice that additional citations will carry an automatic penalty of $100.00. Upon receipt of the 5th citation, the student’s vehicle may be towed from campus at the owner’s expense. In addition, the student may have their driving privileges on campus suspended for the remainder of the current school year, including summer school, regardless of the infraction date. Any act of driving or gaining use of any vehicle by a student not eligible to register a vehicle will constitute a violation of these regulations.


Paying Traffic Fines

All traffic fines are to be paid in the CSA Office. Unpaid tickets may constitute a College obligation which can prevent the student from registering for classes or from obtaining copies of the College transcript. All tickets should be paid within ten academic days from the date of issuance. After ten academic days, the amount of the fine will be applied to the student’s College account. Fines should be paid immediately. If a ticket is overturned by the Traffic Committee, the amount of the fine will be refunded to the student.



If a violator feels that she/he is due consideration because of unusual circumstances, a written appeal to the Traffic Appeals Committee may be filed in the Office of the Dean of Students in Wiley 125 or emailed to within 15 academic days of the date of the ticket. For proper consideration, the appeal should include the citation date and number and a complete statement of the situation and grounds for appeal. A fine may be maintained, reduced and/or refunded by action of the Traffic Appeals Committee.  All traffic appeals should be submitted no later than the last day of classes for the semester it was received. The SGA parking appeals committee meets once a month and will notify students of the outcome of the appeal through campus mail.