E&H Library


E&H Library functions as the heart of the College's academic program. The Library provides collections, services, and spaces to pursue excellence in confronting ideas, thinking critically about the human experience, and pursuing research. Library staff work with students and faculty to develop research skills and to provide a wide range of support services that enhance the teaching and learning experience. 


The Library provides easy access to more than 530,000 items including books, ebooks, periodicals, government documents, and DVDs. E&H Library subscribes to approximately 420 periodicals and newspapers in print and has access to 100,000 full-text periodicals and newspapers in electronic databases available through the Library’s website. The Library’s electronic resources can be accessed by any College user from on or off campus. 


On the Emory campus, the Frederick T. Kelly Library’s facilities include collaborative study space, private study rooms, Kelly Computer Lab, McGowan Computer Classroom, and the Robert D. and Rachel K. Denham Poetry Collection. The Kelly Library is open 90 hours per week when the College is in session. Kelly Library also houses the college archives, rare book collections, the Hunt Room and its Collections, and historical collections of note.


On the Marion campus, the School of Health Sciences Library and Learning Center facilities include group study rooms, quiet study space, health science focused collections, and resources and technology for supporting research. The SHS Library is open and available to anyone with Marion campus access. 


Students may check out print materials for 30 days, and DVDs and CDs for one week. Although the Library does not charge overdue fines for its materials, students are encouraged to return all materials promptly so they are available for other patrons. All materials must be returned by the end of each semester. Failure to return library materials in a timely manner could result in items being billed to the student's College account. The replacement charge for each item (books, CDs, DVDs, etc.) is a minimum of $75 depending on the actual replacement cost, plus processing, of the lost item.  


E&H Library is a member of the Holston Associated Libraries, Inc. (HAL), a consortium of two private colleges and two public library systems. The Library also participates in the VIVA (Virtual Library of Virginia) and the Appalachian College Association’s Bowen Central Library consortia, which provide an extensive collection of electronic resources. If students need research materials that are not available in the Library, the materials may be requested online through ILLiad, the college’s electronic interlibrary loan system. 


Students and faculty have access to research assistance through chat, text messaging, email, phone, and in person. The professional librarians offer instructional programs, training sessions, and orientations, along with academic reference services, and individualized assistance with projects, research questions, and term papers. 


Information Technology Services Department 

All Information Technology Services (academic and administrative computing, and the campus network) are located on the basement floor of Kelly Library. Personnel are available to provide assistance with the computing needs of the College through the IT Help Desk. Staff support for student-owned computers is limited to assistance with network connectivity. Students experiencing problems with their personal computers should contact a local computer vendor. You may reach the IT Help Desk at extension 6881, or ithelpdesk@ehc.edu  for questions or technology support needs. Normal hours of operation for the IT Help Desk are Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm, but any exceptions will be posted in the IT Help Desk area. The Information Technology Services department supports the integration, performance and availability of technology into the teaching and learning process through a broad range of resources over the Emory & Henry computer network and the Internet.


Access to the College network requires an account, which is automatically assigned to all registered students. This account provides access to the Internet, Portal Access, MyHub, Moodle, printing capabilities, online library resources, e-mail, and other systems. Many instructors require that students use e-mail and/or Internet applications and resources in their coursework. Campus-wide wireless Internet access is available.


Connecting to the network requires a commitment to adhere to the College’s Security and Acceptable Use of the Campus Network and Technology Policy. Enrollment or employment at Emory & Henry College signifies agreement to abide by all rules, regulations, and policies of the College. Please note that all policies are subject to change. Notification of changes will be published. This document will be reviewed and distributed regularly. All network users must adhere to the most current published revision. Email accounts and access to other College network resources are available to graduates for 6 months after graduation. Emory & Henry College maintains a campus-wide wireless network in order to meet the network connectivity needs of our students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors.


Emory & Henry College uses Microsoft Office applications for desktop productivity throughout the campus. In addition to this, some of the computer labs on campus have specialized software for specific courses. For the location of a specific software application on campus, please contact the IT Help Desk or https://www.ehc.edu/information-technology


Vandalism or Willful Misconduct

The Information Technology Services department will not be accountable for anyone who illegally copied software that is licensed for use only on Emory & Henry computers. Intentional destruction of computing equipment is not acceptable. Destruction includes physically damaging or placing viruses/your own software on Emory & Henry computing equipment. Any student intentionally abusing Emory & Henry computing equipment or software will be reported to the Dean of Students and/or criminally prosecuted.