Campus Policy & Student Conduct


The following statement has been endorsed by the governing board of Emory & Henry College, setting the framework for the College’s expectations of students.


Emory & Henry believes that both freedom and responsibility are necessary to the life of an intellectual and Christian community. Continued membership in the Emory & Henry student body is contingent upon responsible conduct and effective participation in the life and purposes of the institution. Students who violate this privilege or neglect this responsibility are subject to disciplinary action, including suspension or dismissal. Definitions of these penalties and an outline for procedures for appeal are found in the Student Conduct Code section of the Student Handbook. Appropriate procedures are provided for hearings and review, and every student has the right of appeal.


The College rejects any interference with the legitimate rights of others, the use of threat or violence, the destruction of property, and the disruption of the normal order of the College. Lying, stealing, cheating, and plagiarism violate the College’s principles. All forms of gambling and hazing are prohibited. Secret fraternities or other organizations not chartered and approved by the student government are forbidden, and members are subject to disciplinary action.


The College recognizes the right of students to dissent and disagree with the faculty, the administration, and the governors. Free exchange of ideas is encouraged, and channels of communication are provided. Dissent and disagreement must be exercised in an orderly fashion which does not infringe on the rights of others, jeopardize public order or safety, or disrupt the normal order of the College. Student conduct which violates these standards will lead to disciplinary action which may include suspension or dismissal. Other persons who violate these standards are subject to legal action.


Since its establishment in 1836 as a Methodist-related institution of higher education, Emory & Henry College has sought to be a learning community that moves toward fulfilling every student’s potential. In order to provide the best possible environment for learning and enrichment, not only among our students, but among members of the community who gather here for special events, we strongly encourage students, young adults, and guests to the College to make mature and respectful decisions in their lives particularly with respect to the illegal use and/or irresponsible consumption of alcohol and drugs.


While Emory & Henry College encourages abstinence from the use of alcohol in accordance with longstanding Methodist tradition due to societal problems that result from its misuse and abuse, we recognize the right of students 21-years of age or older to consume alcoholic beverages in accordance with state law. The College supports responsible drinking for those of legal age who wish to consume alcohol while balancing that right against the need to provide a safe and welcoming campus environment free from abusive and disruptive behavior that often accompanies excessive drinking or intoxication. Accordingly, the College will follow state law prohibitions on campus with respect to (1) public intoxication; (2) public display or public consumption of alcohol outside of residence hall rooms, except at special events approved by the Dean of Students; (3) driving while impaired or under the influence; and (4) giving, supplying or furnishing alcohol to students under the age of 21. In addition, the College strictly prohibits the use of kegs on campus, except at special events approved by the Dean of Students, and then only in designated areas. Binge drinking is strongly discouraged.  Evidence suggests a strong link between the consumption of alcohol and incidents of sexual assault or abuse, so students should always be careful when consuming alcoholic beverages, especially when consumed along with prescription medications. The use of illegal drugs is prohibited on campus in accordance with state law. Students who violate policy or state law are subject to disciplinary action and/or arrest and guests who violate policy or state law are subject to removal from campus and/or arrest.


Emory & Henry College defines a student as an individual who has made a deposit to attend or is currently enrolled in at least one course. Individuals who have graduated or withdrawn from the College are no longer considered students. Violations of policies and procedures, while a student, will be resolved through the listed policies and procedures.