Political Science (B.A.)


To give students an understanding of the full spectrum of political science and political activity, with a focus on the four traditional branches of the discipline: American, comparative, international, and political theory. To prepare students for graduate study in political science; entry into careers related to public service, government, international affairs, business abroad, or public administration; or teaching civics, American government, or foreign affairs at the secondary level.

Five Additional Courses in Political Science

At least two of the elective courses must be 300-level courses. Elective courses should be chosen in consultation with the faculty advisor.

As many as two of the elective courses may be chosen from cognate Social Sciences disciplines and applied to the Political Science degree provided those courses are not counted as Modes, and are approved by the advisor and the department chair.

Students adding a second major in Political Science to a primary major in another cognate Social Sciences discipline may complete the Political Science major with eight courses consisting of the five core requirements and three other courses, at least one of which must be a 300-level POLS course that counts for WC credit.

Sub-Total Semester Hours

Additional Requirement

STAT 162 is preferred.

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