Honors Thesis Program in Political Science

An honors thesis program encourages more intensive study of political science than is required for the regular major. The program provides for close contact between students and their advisors so that students can receive guidance throughout their research and writing. Students will agree to the schedule in the Political Science Major Handbook and must meet all intermediate deadlines in order to continue in the honors program. Students who successfully complete the program requirements will be awarded either "High Honors" or "Honors."


(1) In-depth study of an appropriate question and completion of a thesis, normally written under the direction of a member of the Political Science Department or some closely related department. Honors students may take up to six semester hours of honors directed readings and research (490-491). Only three of these credits may count toward the 30 semester hours for the basic political science major requirements.

(2) An average GPA in political science of at least 3.5.

(3) Completion of all requirements for the B.A. degree in political science, a cumulative GPA of at least 3.3, and approval of the completed project by a committee of at least two faculty from the department and one from outside the department (majority vote is required for honors to be awarded).

Prospective candidates for the honors thesis program should advise the department chair of their interest and plans no later than the end of the spring term of the junior year. The department chair will assist students in finding an appropriate thesis advisor. Formal research proposals must be circulated to all members of the proposed committee no later than October 1 of the senior year. A revised version of this research proposal must be approved by a meeting of the student with all the members of his or her committee before November 1. Admission to the honors thesis program is not automatic and may be restricted if there are too many applications.

Total credits: