Interdisciplinary English (B.A.)

Elementary PK-3 
Elementary and Middle School PK-6, 6-8

Objective: To provide an introduction to courses in English language and literature as a foundation for a career in teaching and to enable students to meet Virginia requirements for licensure to teach grades PK- 3, PK-6, 6-8 
(depending on choices in professional studies). Note: Students pursuing licensure to teach with a major in Interdisciplinary English must notify the Neff Center immediately and are advised by a member of the Neff Center for Teacher Education in consultation with the Chair of the English Department. 

Substitution of courses must be approved by the Director of the Neff Center for Teacher Education and the Chair of the English Department, guided by teacher certification requirements.

Student Teaching is the senior project. 

Variations for Particular Licensure Options In Elementary/ Middle School: 

Elementary PK-3: The above program is complete for PK-3 licensure. 
Elementary PK-6 and Middle 6-8: In addition to the above program, students must complete Education 401, History 111 and 112, History 105 or 122, and one course in economics. 

Item #
Semester Hours
One additional 300-level English course  +
Sub-Total Semester Hours
Total credits: