Civic Innovation

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Objectives: To prepare graduates to understand the innovation process, to have the skills, knowledge, and attributes to be innovative problem solvers, to organize, lead, and coordinate civic initiatives, and to help forge creative alliances of persons and organizations to meet community needs and achieve outcomes that serve the common good. Students will work to actively solve, community-identified, problems and achieve meaningful outcomes for people and places.

In collaboration with their advisor, students chart a course of study that provides skills that they can apply in the public and private sectors or in post-graduate study. Throughout the curriculum, students build and maintain a results portfolio, presenting this at points in their study, culminating in the senior capstone presentation.

Situated at the intersection of academic knowledge, vocational exploration, and a commitment to the common good, Civic Innovation provides an understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of public life and issues, including the dynamic interplay of the natural environment, the built environment, and human culture and history in places and the role of that interplay in developing innovative solutions to civic issues and problems. 

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3 - 4
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