Withdrawal from Class

A student may drop a class during the period specified in the academic calendar and the course will not be recorded on the transcript. A student may voluntarily withdraw with an entry of W (Withdrawn) on the transcript after the last day for course addition and continuing through the withdrawal deadline. The withdrawal deadline is three weeks from the last class day of the semester for the fall and spring semester (with the summer and winter terms calculated by the Registrar's Office.) After this date anyone requesting withdrawal for demonstrably bona fide reasons can appeal to the Committee on Academic Standards. A first-year student may not withdraw from Core 100.

Students are not permitted to withdraw from a course to avoid the consequences of academic dishonesty.

All withdrawals must be submitted officially on forms available from the Registrar. The student's withdrawal will be official on the date this form is signed by the Associate Provost or Registrar. The Academic Calendar dates for withdrawal may not be the same as the dates for withdrawal accompanied by refund of tuition charges, as described in the catalog section on Refunds in the Event of Withdrawal from a Class