Study Abroad

The experience of studying, working, or traveling abroad can add immeasurably to any student's education. Many departments offer Emory Abroad courses, which are taught by faculty in the regular semester with a short-term study abroad experience at spring break or the end of the term (for example, art in Italy or biology in Panama). Other students participate in a semester or summer abroad. Any of these approved experiences meet the Emory Abroad core curriculum requirement.

The college is prepared to assist students in identifying appropriate programs in a variety of international settings. The student considering such an experience should consult Dr. Celeste Gaia, the Director of lnternational Education. Students are required to pay a program fee for faculty-led Emory Abroad courses. This fee covers transportation, accommodations, excursions, and most meals. Semester and summer programs are operated through partnerships with other accredited U.S. universities, as well as universities abroad. Typically, semester abroad students stay enrolled at Emory & Henry, pay tuition to Emory & Henry at Emory & Henry's tuition rate plus any excess tuition differential charge of the abroad program (e.g., room, board, insurance, etc.), and pay a study abroad fee. Partnerships with universities in England, France and Germany provide students the opportunity to study abroad for a semester, while students from the host institution attend Emory & Henry. Students who participate in this partnership pay regular tuition to Emory & Henry College and the housing costs to the university abroad. There is no study abroad fee for exchanges.

Emory & Henry College offers its own civic engagement program in Dublin, Ireland, where students take courses at Dublin City University and work in the community at a variety of locations including with youth sports teams, employment services, and childcare centers. This program is in partnership with the International Partnership of Service Learning and is open to all majors. Because this is a program directly affiliated with Emory & Henry College, there is no study abroad fee required.

Study abroad entails costs beyond those involved in on-campus study. As a general rule, the student should expect to incur the costs of travel, food, and accommodations, and (when the tuition for the program exceeds that of Emory & Henry College) any excess tuition. Students must meet the deadlines and academic requirements for the study abroad application and deposit to participate in these programs. When the student is a recipient of financial aid from Emory & Henry, the question may arise of whether that aid will apply toward the tuition of the study abroad program. These cases are reviewed each year. During the year prior to study abroad, the student wishing to receive this benefit must meet with the Director of Financial Aid. The Director, in consultation with the Provost and Associate Vice President for Business and Finance, will determine whether such support can be provided.

Students should explore scholarships and grants that can assist with study abroad expenses. One special option at Emory & Henry College is summer study at a British Isles university, with most expenses covered by the Emily Williams English Speaking Union Scholarship. Two rising seniors are chosen each year on the basis of their academic record and an interview with a faculty selection committee. Students interested in this program should seek nomination by a faculty member. Other scholarship and grant opportunities can be found on the Emory & Henry College International Education website.

Prior to enrolling at another institution with the intent of transferring courses back to Emory & Henry, a student must have the specific course roster pre-approved by the faculty advisor, the chair of the department in which the course falls, and the Provost. If a student pursues study abroad without pre-approval of courses, a review of the course record may be required from an independent foreign transcript evaluation service at the student's expense, and the award of Emory & Henry College credit cannot be assured. 

Any grade earned in a course taught abroad by E&H faculty will appear as the regular letter grade on the transcript. These grades are calculated into the GPA. In courses taught by non-E&H faculty abroad, students must earn a passing grade according to the host institution to receive credit for the course. A passing grade will appear as P (PASS) on the transcript and a non-passing grade will appear as NG (NO GRADE). This policy applies only to grades earned during a study abroad program and not to transfer credit.