The Semester-A-Trail offers an exciting special studies opportunity for students seeking a learning experience that goes well beyond the classroom.  Students in the program earn college credit while attempting a long section-hike (475 miles) or a thru-hike of the entire Appalachian Trail (2000 miles). The Semester-A-Trail Program is offered in the spring semester, and students accepted into the program enroll in select academic courses under the advisement of program director, Jim Harrison.

More information about the Semester-A-Trail and the application process are available here:

Dual-EnrollmentA student may transfer in from any college just for the Semester-A-Trail Program.  This option allows students to retain their enrollment privileges at their current academic institution while enjoying the benefits of being an E&H student.  Upon completion of the Semester-A-Trail, dual-enrollment students return to their institution of origin with the college credits earned during the Semester-A-Trail as quality transferable credits and newfound skills!
Dual Enrollment Course Options:  In addition to the required courses, students complete their course schedules from a list of courses offered in the following departments:  Environmental Science, Appalachian Studies, Civic Innovation, and History.          

Required Courses for Semester-A-Trail:                                                                                                                       
CFOS 301: Long-Distance Backpacking                                                                                                                              
In this seven-week course, students engage in intensive training in preparation for hiking the Appalachian Trail. The coursework consists of in-depth instruction of long-distance backpacking topics and skills, including the history and key figures of the Appalachian Trail, risk assessment and safety, Leave No Trace ethics, footwear, layering systems, backcountry cooking, navigation, logistics management, nutrition, and problem-solving. 3 credit hours                                 
ENGL 328: Nature Writing                                                                                                                          
The writing and study of nature writing as a genre and pertinent literary forms, with attention to writing from Thoreau, Carson, Leopold, Abbey, Berry, Lopez, Dillard, and Bass. This course satisfies the Modes of Inquiry requirement for Artistic Expression. 3 credit hours                                                             
Special Note: This is a project-based course associated with the Semester-A-Trail Program.  Students engage in coursework for seven weeks prior to the on-trail experience and then complete the remainder of assignments and final project once the on-trail experience has concluded.