Repeating a Course to Improve the Grade

Regardless of the grade earned, a student may retake any regularly scheduled course except an independent study or an internship. In consultation with the advisor, a student may substitute a CORE 200, CORE 300, Religion Requirement course (101, 111, 131, 132, 200 or 213) or Statistics course (161, 162, or 163) with a different number. In the case of such courses, the student wishing to take the new course on a substitution basis must inform the Registrar of this by completing a Repeated Course Form before the last day for course addition designated in the academic calendar for the semester. (Otherwise, the second CORE 200, CORE 300, Religion Requirement, or Statistics course will be treated as a new and separate course enrollment.) Substitution does not apply to Modes of Inquiry courses.

When a course is repeated at Emory & Henry College, only the higher grade is used in computing the GPA. The other grade is shown on the college transcript but is designated as not applicable to the GPA. If a student is taking a repeatable course, such as GNST 151 or MUSP 230, and wishes both grades to be included, the student can indicate this on the Repeated Course Form, which is submitted to the Registrar's Office, where the appropriate adjustments are made. Special Topics courses, numbered 150 or 350, may be repeated for credit only if there is a different course title. Other courses may not be repeated for credit unless specifically allowed in the course description. Courses repeated after graduation may not be used to raise the GPA earned prior to graduation.