Preregistration and Registration for Courses

All fees must be paid if the student is to maintain eligibility for preregistration and registration for courses. Please refer to the section on Fees for specific requirements.

Each semester, students preregister for the courses to be taken in the following semester. All preregistration information is submitted to the Registrar through online registration with the approval of the faculty advisor. More information regarding online registration is available in the Registrar's Office and on the Registrar's website.

Preregistered courses become registered courses on registration day. Registration day is the first day of a semester, and all students are required to have completed their initial schedule and be registered by that date. No student may register later than the last day for course addition designated in the academic calendar. Students who do not complete registration (including payment of fees) by the end of the last day for course addition will be removed from the college roster, will not be permitted to attend classes, and will not be allowed to register retroactively.