Pass-Fail Options

Certain courses at the college are always graded on a Pass-Fail basis, including internships; such courses are indicated as "Pass-Fail only" in their catalog descriptions. However, other courses may be taken Pass-Fail under certain conditions. A student who has achieved junior or senior status and who has earned a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 may apply to take elective courses on this basis. A course in the Core Curriculum, the primary discipline, or the contextual and support areas may not be taken on a Pass-Fail basis. Only during the period designated for course addition may a student request that a course be changed to or from the Pass-Fail option. Written approval is required from the faculty advisor, the chair of the primary department, and the Provost. Credit earned in a Pass-Fail course may contribute to the number of hours needed for graduation but will not affect the GPA. No more than one such elective course may be taken during any semester, and no more than a total of four such courses may be credited toward a degree.