Leave of Absence

An enrolled student intending to suspend the college experience by taking a semester or longer off from classes may request a Leave of Absence in writing to the Registrar. This request must be submitted before the last day to withdraw with a grade of W of the semester in which the leave commences. The request will be reviewed by the Provost, who will normally grant it. The Leave of Absence can be for one or two semesters, subject to extension if an additional request is filed. The student may reenter the college at the end of the leave (or earlier) simply by announcing to the Registrar the intent to do so. While on leave a student may preregister for the semester in which he or she plans to return, by contacting the Registrar. A student on academic, financial, or social dismissal is not eligible for a Leave of Absence.

A student who has formally withdrawn from the college cannot retroactively seek a Leave of Absence. A student on leave is not prohibited from taking courses at another school, although transfer of any such courses back to Emory & Henry cannot be assured without prior approval; see the section on Transfer Credit.

Financial aid for semesters in the distant future cannot be guaranteed; however, when possible, students returning from a Leave of Absence will receive the same financial aid support that they would have received had they remained as continuous students. Exceptions may arise, for instance, (a) when the student's financial status changes, (b) when governmental aid regulations change, or (c) when the student's endowed scholarship has been awarded to another student in the interim.