Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum at Emory & Henry College is built around a series of courses that emphasize the value of a liberal arts approach to learning while encouraging students to reflect on important relationships between themselves, what they learn, and the world in which they live. This program, which spans the students' years at the College, provides a wide breadth of experiences in the disciplines, promoting development of the perspectives, approaches to learning, connections, skills and qualities that result from study and integration of the liberal arts. Through the Core Curriculum, Emory & Henry students will develop an appreciation to: 

  • Explore the liberal arts - Students explore an interdisciplinary curriculum rooted in a core sequence that facilitates a meaningful and unified developmental student experience.
  • Care for themselves and others at the local and global levels - Students develop a disposition of care toward themselves and others to become culturally competent citizens.
  • Understand societies and the natural world - Students understand by thinking critically and empirically about themselves, others, and the natural world.
  • Create and share artistic works and scholarship - Students create and share projects that contribute to the advancement of knowledge and broader societal discussion.