Academic Standing and Academic Penalties

Each student's academic performance must meet certain minimum requirements for the student to continue at Emory & Henry. Following are the minimum grade point averages (GPAs) required of students at various stages. 

Students who have earned: Must have a cumulative GPA of at least:
Fewer than 26 hours of credit 1.800
At least 26 hours but fewer than 57 1.900
57 hours of credit or more 2.000

(Note: these semester hour totals include any credits transferred from other institutions, although only courses taken at Emory & Henry count toward the GPA.) Failure to meet the minimum requirements will result in academic penalties assigned in the following manner.

If a student fails to meet the minimum GPA at the end of any semester of enrollment at Emory & Henry, he or she will receive academic warning.

If at the end of the next semester the minimum GPA has not been attained, the student will be placed on academic probation. Any student on academic probation who earns a semester GPA of 2.3 or above, but whose cumulative GPA is still below the minimum, will be placed on automatic extended probation. Students may stay on automatic extended probation for no more than three consecutive semesters and must earn a semester GPA of 2.3 in each of those semesters. A student on academic probation who does not meet the 2.3 semester GPA required for automatic extended probation will face academic dismissal from the college. At the end of three consecutive semesters on extended probation, students whose cumulative GPA is still below the minimum will face academic dismissal. A student who once clears academic warning or probation and then falls below the minimum GPA in any semester thereafter is immediately placed on academic probation.

Appeals of academic dismissal status must be lodged within two weeks of notification of dismissal and will be referred to the Committee on Academic Standards for a recommendation to the Provost. If a student fails all classes during a full-load semester or receives WF grades for all classes, he or she will be dismissed from the college. A part-time student who fails all classes for the fall or spring semester may be dismissed at the prerogative of the Provost.

While not facing an academic penalty, any first-year student with a GPA between 1.80 and 1.99 and any sophomore with a GPA between 1.90 and 1.99 will be classified as at academic risk. Such students will be required to take and pass General Studies 150, Strategies for Academic Success. All students on academic warning or academic probation who have not previously passed General Studies 150 are also required to enroll in this course.

A student who is on academic probation may not participate in activities which represent the student body or the college in public or official capacities, including debates, dramatic or musical performances, or other similar public appearances, student publications, elected or appointed positions in campus government, or other leadership positions on campus.  Students on academic probation who are involved in intercollegiate and club activities may participate in all team activities except for competitions. 

A student dismissed for academic deficiency must wait through one fall or spring semester before applying for readmission. While under dismissal status, he or she may not enroll as a special student during a fall or spring semester, although the student may take courses during summer sessions. No student dismissed at the end of the fall semester will be eligible for readmission before the next June 1. No student dismissed at the end of the spring semester will be eligible for readmission before the next November 1. Courses taken during summer school do not entitle a student who has been dismissed to consideration of readmission before waiting through one regular academic semester.

A student who is readmitted following academic dismissal is automatically placed on academic probation upon return. The student's academic status may not be upgraded until he or she has completed one fall or spring semester after readmission to the college.

Academic standing is computed at the end of the fall and spring semesters. It is also re-computed at the end of the last summer session for participating students. However, students who have been dismissed may not have their academic status upgraded until they have completed one fall or one spring semester after readmission to the college.