Withdrawal from Emory & Henry

A student who withdraws from Emory & Henry before the close of a semester must receive clearance from the Registrar. Withdrawal forms are available from the Registrar. Withdrawal will be complete and refunds will be issued based on the date the form is signed by the Registrar, following an exit interview. Refunds will be given as described in the catalog section on Refunds in the Event of Withdrawal from the College.

A student who withdraws from the college during the period specified in the academic calendar for course addition will have no courses recorded on the transcript for the semester. Withdrawals will be recorded as W (Withdrawn) on the transcript after the last day for course addition and continuing through the withdrawal deadline. An additional time period is allotted for withdrawals to be recorded on the transcript and designated by the instructor as either WP (Withdrawn Passing) or WF (Withdrawn Failing). After the WP/WF deadline all withdrawals are designated as WF (Withdrawn Failing) unless the withdrawal is for medical or other demonstrably bona fide reasons acceptable to the Committee on Academic Standards.