Lyceum Program

To the ancient Greeks, Lyceum was the place near Athens where Aristotle taught. To contemporary students at Emory & Henry, Lyceum designates an opportunity to encounter the liberal arts through special events on campus. All students who are enrolled in a degree program are required to register attendance at five Lyceum events per regular semester, exclusive of summer school. No more than two Lyceum events may be films each semester. Students may accumulate up to ten events during fall semester and carry five credits over to the spring semester, but no credits may be carried over from a spring semester to the following fall.

Seniors are exempted from the Lyceum requirement during their final semester; however, all accumulated deficiencies must be satisfied by mid-term of that semester. Students who extend their program beyond four years are not required to attend more than thirty-five Lyceum events. Students who are enrolled in a combination of undergraduate and graduate courses must attend a Lyceum event for each undergraduate course enrolled each semester, up to a maximum of five.

Part-time students enrolled in eleven or fewer semester hours in a semester are required to attend one event for each course in which they are enrolled for credit that semester. Students who are enrolled in student teaching will be required to attend two events during that particular semester. Students who successfully complete a Study Abroad semester with earned credits will be awarded credit for five Lyceum events once the official transcript from the college which the student attended is received.

Appeals for Alternative Requirements: Commuter students and part-time students who encounter extreme problems with commuting or other unforeseen circumstances may appeal to the Lyceum Committee for a special hearing if they wish to request some alternative way of satisfying part of the Lyceum requirement in a particular semester. Students who anticipate student teaching or internships that will require them to do extensive work away from the college may make a written appeal to the Lyceum Committee for an alternative requirement. All appeals should be made within the first two weeks of the semester.