Class Attendance

Emory & Henry College holds the philosophy that regular class attendance is a necessary part of the educational program of its students. Failure to conform to the policy of the college on attendance, formulated as specific attendance requirements for each course, may result in the instructor's lowering the course grade or assigning a grade of F. On recommendation of the instructor, the Committee on Academic Standards may dismiss the student from the course and assign a grade of W, WP, WF, or F, depending on the time in which the request is made by the professor. Habitual class absence may result in dismissal from the college by action of the Committee on Academic Standards.

When a class is missed, the student is responsible for material missed because of the absence. Participation in college-sponsored activities does not release one from class responsibilities, although instructors are expected to make reasonable accommodations for absences required by such activities. Students should consider carefully the number of activities in which they engage, especially those which may require class absences. Except in cases of emergency or illness, the student should advise the instructor of the expected absence before it occurs.