Care and Cultural Competency

Students choose from lists of appropriate classes, as applicable, with the goal of developing care for themselves and for others around them by focusing on cultural and global awareness.
Lifetime Wellness. The wellness requirement totals two semester hours. One hour is a Lifetime Wellness course designed to be taken during the student's first year.

The course is designed to promote an understanding of wellness and related behavior that contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Students also complete two different half-hour activity courses. Accommodations will be made for students with documented disabilities.

Foreign Language. Students meet this requirement in any one of several ways. They may (a) complete two sequential foreign language courses at the 100 level (6 to 8 semester hours), or (b) demonstrate competency through the 102 level by appropriate performance on a foreign language proficiency exam and oral interview with Foreign Languages faculty, or (c) fulfill the requirement during a Study Abroad experience, or (d) substitute a native language other than English, or (e) complete two sequential American Sign Language (ASL) courses. Departments may require additional hours beyond the minimum.

Students with documented disabilities of a severe language-based nature may request pre-approved course substitutions to meet the Core Curriculum foreign language proficiency requirement. Course substitutions approved for this purpose will also serve to meet the foreign language requirements of a major for which no more than eight credit hours of any foreign language are required. Students must initiate such a request in time to receive a decision prior to the end of their sophomore year, or in the case of a transfer student, within the first semester at the college. The request for substitution must be approved prior to any coursework that will count as substitution. Attempting a foreign language will not preclude a student from successfully requesting a foreign language substitution. Students must be registered with Disability Support Services in the Powell Resource Center before initiating a substitution request. Procedures for registering with Disability Support Services and for requesting foreign language substitutions are available in the Powell Resource Center. Students interested in these procedures begin by making an appointment with the Director of Disability Support Services. Religion. Each student completes a religion course to explore the roots, teachings and contemporary understandings of the Christian faith or a variety of religious beliefs and practices and the importance of religion in the lives of people all over the world. 

Global Citizenship. Each student will engage in a Study Abroad experience or take a second CORE 300 course.