Auditing a Course

To audit a course, the student must mark the course "Audit" on the standard registration form. It is recommended that the student have prior permission from the course instructor. Part-time students must pay a course audit fee. Full-time students must pay an audit fee if the usual credit hour value of the audited course, added to their registered for-credit course load, would total more than 18 hours. Audited courses are entered on the transcript but are not computed in the student's academic standing. Applied music classes and private lessons may not be audited. A course registered for credit may be changed to audit, or a course registered as audit may be changed to credit registration, only during the period designated for course addition. Related tuition and fee adjustments will be made for such changes. Members of the College Community Club may audit courses at a reduced fee with the permission of the instructor; see the office of the Provost for more information.